Long Cold Spring

It is now official – 2013 was the coldest spring since 1962, over 50 years.  This was no doubt good news for the fat cats running the UK’s energy companies, but slim pickings for our native wildlife.  frozen leaf feb 2013

Everything flowered late which had a detrimental effect upon our insects, especially our poor beleaguered bees, which had a knock-on effect on nesting birds and small mammals and no doubt on all that predate upon them. At the top of the hill fort that forms Credenhill Wood, there is a “grazing area”.  This area is very exposed and prone to frost.  The photo above is of a leaf rimmed with frost on an icy puddle, taken back in February 2013. This second photo is ice feb 2013of fingers of ice across a puddle, taken at the same time. I don’t know if the ice was formed by a very cold wind whipping water across and freezing it, or if the rest of the puddle melted and drained leaving the colder grains of ice that had been on the surface.


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