Summer Arrives at the Wood

photo of credenhill woodsHere is Credenhill Wood at the end of June with the trees in full flush. Compare it to the same view in the Header image, taken in the Autumn. Summer has finally arrived. The verges between the paths and the trees are bristling with nettles, sneeze-inducing grasses shedding their pollen, cow parsley, brambles and of hedgerow Whilst further into the wood the ground was carpeted by wood of wood spurge

Taking a stroll around 5.30am, a roe deer was encountered; we looked at each other for a split second, I don’t know which of us was more surprised, then she melted away into the undergrowth before I could take hold of my camera. So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

There were also a lot of slugs and snails quite high up on the plants and trees, so it pays to wear close fitting collars and maybe a hat. I was rather taken with this cute yellow shelled snail. I used to keep snails as pets when I was a sad lonely youngster and race them for fun …  I tried to find out exactly what sort of a snail it was. Apparently there are White Lipped Snails and Brown Lipped Snails (also known as Grove Snails) they are both usually banded, but can be just yellow. The White Lipped Snails have a white lip to their shell and the Brown Lipped Snails have a brown lip. So far so good.  However, sometimes the Brown Lipped ones have a white lip and vice-versa. Sigh.  I’m guessing this is a White Lipped Snail. I would welcome any advice to the of a snail


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