Dead Magpie

Just found this poor deceased magpie hanging in a tree in the garden. This is the second dead magpie that we’ve found in our garden and we’d like to know what is killing them. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment.  Both bodies too decayed to tell cause of death. Rambling Ratz is not at all happy, he finds magpies to be quite magnificent of dead magpieUpdate: I found an injured pigeon near to where the magpie had been found and took it to our wonderful vets at The Laurels. They confirmed that it had been shot, so it seems likely that the same fate befell the magpies. It was dutifully reported to the police as Rambling Ratz is concerned not only for other birds, but also for cats and children. Later the same day the local constabulary was in the area posting flyers reminding people that they can get 6 months in clink for injuring wild birds – how’s that for service.

14 thoughts on “Dead Magpie

    • Thanks. It seems as if there is Magpie Pox and they are susceptible to West Nile Virus! I thought it more likely that something was killing them, as a few days ago they were making a dreadful racket. It seems as though sparrowhawks can kill magpies, which I didn’t realise. Perhaps it left its kill because the other magpies mobbed it. I know a lot of people don’t like magpies because they predate songbirds, but I love their plummage and strutting. I think humans have had a far more devasting effect on songbirds – corvids are just part of the ecosystem.

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