Michaelmas Daisy

I am sure that you have all heard of Christmas, but how many of you have heard of Michaelmas? Rambling Ratz had to google the date. It is on the 29th September and is St Michael’s feast day.photo of michaelmas daisy

The Michaelmas Daisy is flowering now, surely this must be more than a coincidence …. It is a variety of Aster, which is Greek for star shaped, and adds a little spark of colour as autumn approaches. It is around the time of the autumnal equinox when folk would celebrate the harvest. Rambling Ratz can remember donating garden produce for the Harvest Festival at school, a peculiar mix of Christian worship and creepy wiccan corn dollies. Old Michaelmas Day used to be 10th October and was also called Devil’s Spit Day. After this date

Photo of blackberries

Flipping flies on my blackberries!

blackberries should not be picked because that was the day the Devil was ejected from heaven by Ceiling Rat and landed in a bramble bush (it really was not a good day for him!)  Being a moody sort of a chap, he cursed the thorny blackberry bush and spat on the fruit, a very nasty and unsanitary habit. You have been warned.

It also used to be known as Goose Day, as farmers had to pay their landlords with a big fat goose. Nottingham (where Robin Hood merrily redistributed wealth) still has a Goose Fair at the beginning of October.

For no other reason than the fact that it was pretty and I took a photo of it, here is a wild cyclamen growing in the garden. Apparently the caterpillars of the coolly named Gothic moth eat them.photo of cyclamen

16 thoughts on “Michaelmas Daisy

  1. Great background, love these daisies: they brighten up the autumn!
    Earthy note: if you’re out foraging it is wise not to pick the blackberries low down on the bush that may have been peed on by cats, dogs and foxes.
    You have been warned!

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  4. Read some of your older post today. Glad I found the warning about eating blackberries on the 10th of October, Devil spit ugh! I Having a goose for dinner sounds much better. Great history!


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