Honeysuckle Berries

This is a short update on my previous post about honeysuckle flowers here.photo of honeysuckle berries

Honeysuckle comes in several varieties; whilst these berries are red, some produce blue berries. Generally speaking they are mildly poisonous to humans, toxic to dogs, but eaten by birds such as warblers, finches and thrushes.

For those who were paying attention to the previous honeysuckle post, you will remember that another name for honeysuckle is woodbine. I quoted Shakespeare last time, so let’s see what acclaimed poet Robert Frost has to say on the matter in a short snippet from, “Love and a Question”:

photo of honeysuckle berriesThe woodbine leaves littered the yard,
The woodbine berries were blue,
Autumn, yes, winter was in the wind;
‘Stranger, I wish I knew.’

If that has whetted your appetite for something more culturally highbrow than this blog, then you can read the full text here. You can then debate whether or not the bridegroom should have provided shelter for the stranger or attended to his new bride’s needs. One thing that is not in question is that his honeysuckle had blue berries suggesting that it is common to New England woodbines.

There is a better photo of honeysuckle berries on this blog.


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