All you ever wanted to know about daisies

We are talking here of the common daisy, sometimes known as the lawn daisy. It’s Latin name is Bellis Perennis which crudely translates as everlasting prettiness. This probably sounds a little highfalutin for a lawn weed.

photo of a daisyIf you ever wondered why Daisy is a nickname for girls called Margaret, it is because the French for an Oxeye Daisy is Marguerite. Yes, that is tenuous.

The Romans used to soak their bandages in daisy juice as it was apparently good for spear wounds. In medieval times it was known as bruisewort, as it was considered good for treating bruises.

They are also good for making pretty garlands. If Alice had been bothered to make a daisy chain she might not have noticed that white rabbit and been saved a lot of bother that day. If she thought making a daisy chain was a lot of effort; how tiring her Adventures in Wonderland must have been for her.

If you were wondering what Chaucer has to say on the matter, then wonder no more – he likes them. From Chaucer’s “Legend of Good Women”:

Now have I than swich a condicioun,
That, of alle the floures in the mede,
Than love I most these floures whyte and rede,
Swiche as men callen daysies in our toun.

For information about Michaelmas daisies, see here.


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