Cat’s Ear Fluffy Seeds

Rambling Ratz mentioned in a previous post a dandelion-like flower called a cat’s of cat's ear

It is generally considered to be an invasive weed, but I happen to think that it is a bright cheery flower. Unlike the dandelion, the flowers grow severally on forked stems and the leaves are slightly hairy and, using lots of imagination, shaped like cat’s ears.

Cat’s ear is edible (the plant, please don’t go disfiguring felines) and can be used in salads or boiled up. However, it apparently has a bland taste and I don’t think austerity has got quite that bad just yet.

The flowers have now turned to seed heads as in the photo on the left. Personally I think they are furrier than dandelion seeds, as in the photo on the right.


6 thoughts on “Cat’s Ear Fluffy Seeds

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