Large Yellow Underwing Moths

Whilst scampering through the grass on the grazing area at the top of Credenhill Park Wood, I encountered this sleepy chap. He appeared to be snoozing on a stem of grass and wasn’t at all bothered by me.Photo of large yellow underwing moth caterpillar

I believe it to be the caterpillar of the Large Yellow Underwing moth. They are sometimes known as cutworms and are considered to be a pest in gardens. They spend the day under the soil and then when they wake up hungry they scoff the first thing they encounter; the stems of plants. This causes a great deal of damage to plants.

Photo of large yellow underwing mothBy a happy coincidence, back in the summer I found a large yellow underwing moth and took some photographs of it. Sadly the moth in question was bereft of life at the time. These moths are night fliers and are very common and abundant. Unlike many other moths they do not need to vibrate their wings to warm up and can take flight instantly.


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