Another Wet Garden Bimble

Dodging the rain, Rambling Ratz stoically strides into the garden armed with camera for your viewing delight. Let’s see what we found this time.

photo of autumn leavesFirstly the rain brings out the autumn colours of the leaves nicely. Closer inspection of the underside of the photo of lacewingleaves uncovers a nesh little lacewing, cowering from the rain. There are fourteen different species of them in the UK and this is one of them. It looks so delicate and pretty, but if you happen to be an aphid then one of these will suck the very life out of you. The Native American Navajo people considered lacewings to be one of the Ripener insects that were necessary for the corn to ripen.

Further meanderings uncover the holly berries ripening nicely, hopefully in time for Christmas. photo of holly berries

Here is a wild grape vine that is growing uncontrolled. The blackbirds very much enjoy lurking under these leaves and will eat the grapes once they ripen, which is probably a better use for them than me attempting to make of grapes

Finally, we have a fine array of fungi growing on the lawn and amongst the wood piles. Fungi identification is something of a dark art, too often I have read that the Fluffy Bumpking Mushroom makes a delicious soup but is almost identical to the highly toxic Vomit Your Intestines Out Toadstool … So I just admire them for the fascinating plants, that aren’t plants, that they are and leave the eating of them to animals better versed in such things. For the scientifically minded they are in fact eukaryotic organisms. Here are some Ratz eye views of them.


13 thoughts on “Another Wet Garden Bimble

  1. I am quite envious of your garden — it takes me back to the small farm and surrounding countryside where I grew up. And then I look out at the handkerchief of London clay at the back of my house and despair of it ever being interesting 😦

    • Oh dear, but think of all the museums and art galleries on your doorstep. We live in a bungalow surrounded by houses, so the views are not that great, have to keep looking down. But we are lucky to have a few trees 🙂

      • True, there are lots of advantages to living here and there are plenty of green places not too far away. But the “garden” is right there, making me feel that I should do something interesting with it. I’m just not particularly green-fingered — and clay is hard work and I’m a wimp…

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