A Working Landscape

Credenhill Park Wood is all very pretty, but what is the point of it I hear you cry. Well maybe I don’t but that won’t stop me.

photo of fort entranceThere is some archaeological evidence that the hill of Credenhill was used in neolithic and bronze age times, possibly for rituals or maybe agriculture. It seems as though the fort was built during the Iron Age around 350BC. In this photograph you can see one of the entrances to the fort between the ramparts.

There is evidence of military use by the Romans in the first century AD. In the 1960’s it was planted with conifers for the timber industry. Now it is owned by the Woodland Trust and can be enjoyed by us all. There is more detailed information about the history of the wood here. photo of woodworkSomeone has been honing their whittling skills.

The surrounding area is made up of mostly arable agricultural land. Various crops are grown, such as wheat, beets and oats; Hereford is also famous for hops and apples. Here is the farmer up early, ploughing his field.photo of tractor in field


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