Yellow Bloomers – Part Two

Here is the second part of the Yellow Bloomers series, part one discussed the lesser celandine and can be read of primroses

This post is mostly about primroses. I have a bit of a problem here as some of the primroses growing in the garden, well cracks of the paths to be precise, are pink and purple. This is no doubt due to some genes creating the anthocyanidins; pelargonidin and petunidin. However, we shall press on undeterred by science.

photo of primrosesPrimula vulgaris, on account of it being common, is another early spring flower, its name is from the Latin for first rose. It was the favourite flower of the Victorian British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli and the anniversary of his death, 19th April is known as Primrose Day. British Pathe has a video clip of Primrose Day in 1916, which can be viewed here.

Primroses are one of those flowers, like snowdrops, that are considered unlucky if they are cut and brought indoors. The folklore of primroses is that if you cut them chicks will not hatch, you have been warned. However, if you dream of primroses it apparently means that you will find happiness in a new of primroses

As usual Shakespeare has something to say on the matter:

Whiles, like a puff’ d and reckless libertine,
Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads,
And reaks not his own rede.

photo of primrosesThis is from Hamlet, spoken by Ophelia (who was also associated with forget-me-nots, see here). To lead someone down the primrose path implies encouraging someone to lead a wayward life which will end in their downfall.

Your bonus early spring yellow bloomer is the forsythia.



9 thoughts on “Yellow Bloomers – Part Two

  1. Another one of your well written articles that demonstrate your great knowledge of flowering plants and your creative design talent. So very informative! Wonderful blog!

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