Blog Birthday – One Today

One year ago today I, Rambling Ratz, was born and wrote my first blog post. It was quite tedious, but fans of nostalgia can read it here. I am celebrating this my eighty eighth post with a cherry of rambling ratz and cherry bakewell

Over the past twelve months I have been terribly excited that visitors from sixty two different countries have perused my blog. Some of them probably by accident, but here are the top ten countries. The USA leads the way, of course it might just be one very keen American.

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 981
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 896
Canada FlagCanada 66
Australia FlagAustralia 47
France FlagFrance 35
Germany FlagGermany 33
Japan FlagJapan 21
Sweden FlagSweden 21
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 16
India FlagIndia 15

My most popular post was this one here, about Guy Fawkes, I have no idea why. The least popular was this one here about hawthorn blossom, which is a pity as I was rather pleased with that one. Most visitors seem to find this blog via search engines, Twitter provides the second most amount of traffic, so thank you Twitter friends. Most of the search terms are encrypted but my favorite is “holly dog face poppy”; I don’t know what they were seeking, but I hope they found it. My top commentators are two fellow bloggers who no longer blog, so that prize is up for grabs for next of rose

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who has supported this little blog.


4 thoughts on “Blog Birthday – One Today

  1. Ratz, you have a wonderful Blog. Full of wonderful pictures and lots of information that most of us never knew, (speaking for myself)! You are a talented writer and I hope you continue to educate us!

  2. Happy 1st birthday rambling ratz! Think I must have discovered you just as you started, love your blogs, always look forward to them, so many little nuggets of info. Xxx

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