Privet – Bees Only

The British love to keep their gardens private and have a tendency to plant hedges. Many of these hedges are formed by a shrub called of bee on privet

Incidentally, there is no relation to the word private. As far as I can tell Pliny the Elder first used the word to describe members of the genus Ligustrum. The particular privet shielding Ratz Manor from the hoi polloi produces small white flowers that smell revolting, but are clearly very attractive to bees. The whole shrub was vibrating with honey bees and bumblebees, as usual very high up in the canopy and constantly moving so my photographs aren’t very good.

photo of bee on privetThe odour has been known to cause respiratory distress in humans. However, it is commonly used in Chinese herbal remedies to treat a variety of ailments from a dodgy tummy to chapped lips.

Next to the privet is another white flowering shrub which is also popular with the bees, but I have not identified this one. Any ID’s would be gratefully received.




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