A Sniff of Autumn?

I must apologize (or are you relieved?) for being a little neglectful recently. Chaos has been reigning, more than usual, in the Ratz household and so I haven’t written any posts for a while, nor checked out my fellow bloggers as much as I should have done. I hope that normal service will be resumed soon.

Photo of blackbird

A Young Blackbird

Thanks to Hurricane Bertha, the UK was treated to the coldest August since 1993. The previous eight months had been warmer than average. Now we are in September and we have had quite a few mild and sunny days. I believe the blackbirds may have sneaked in a second brood.

A short bimble around the garden seems to indicate that Autumn is on the way.

The roses have given way to rose hips, you might like to revisit my post here.

The blackberries are also ripening nicely, along with the apples, they should make a nice crumble. I blathered about brambles in this post here.

Also the quince is ripening, if you wish to see the blossoms that produced this fruit, then take a look here


Well, this post will have to be like me, short and sweet. Take care gentle readers, until next time.


4 thoughts on “A Sniff of Autumn?

  1. I’ve missed your posts – good to hear from you again 🙂 Lovely little blackbird – one of my favourite birds. And I always liked how the fruit trees just get going as summer is ending, sort of easing you into winter! 🙂

  2. Hi Ratz,
    A Sniff of Autumn, what a great time of the year! I am feeling some of it in North Florida this week!
    Glad to hear you are doing well. I haven’t posted any photos for a while, I do have a few , but I have been helping my daughter and her first new child. I am now a Grandfather, a beautiful little granddaughter. So much to do and I will be taking a long trip to New Mexico on Tuesday. Best wishes to all of the Ratz family! I will post some things when I have the time.

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