Big Butterfly Count Results

You may remember a previous post mentioned the UK’s Big Butterfly Count, this one here in fact.

The 2014 results are in. The sad news is that after a promising year in 2013, this year most species have declined. The small tortoiseshells bucked the trend and increased. The most abundant species noted this year was the stunning peacock. You can view the full results here. The most common butterfly I was able to photograph in the garden was the speckled wood, followed by the comma. There were quite a few whites fluttering around, a blue one was spotted. I also managed to snap a red admiral and a peacock. There are some tips on making your garden butterfly friendly this September here.

8 thoughts on “Big Butterfly Count Results

  1. Nice pictures 🙂 Definitely he most abundant round here are the Speckled Woods. Small Tortoiseshells seemed to have a very good year and I did find an abundance of Common Blues but only in certain places where conditions were right, elsewhere I saw none at all. I didn’t see many Peacocks apart from those that I raised, so I am glad to hear that they had a good year.

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