Frosty Night

Last night, 29th December 2014, was the coldest night so far of 2014 in England and Wales. I decided to take some photographs of frosty things in the garden for my dear readers.

I have to say that holding a camera in one paw, whilst shining a torch with the other paw and shivering does not make for the most pin sharp images. However, we shall just say that it gives them a home made “folksy” look.

Stay warm and drive safely.


6 thoughts on “Frosty Night

  1. I finally managed to hold the lounge curtain slowly aside to photograph a bird on the tree outside my lounge window, so I guess it’s about the same situation AND last year when I broke my right elbow I did fairly well taking a photo too.

    Love that first shot of the leaves. Very nice (and sharp).

    We’ve had a few weather records broken in Australia this year too. We seem to be getting more and more extremes and un-seasonal weather the world over. You can’t tell me global warming isn’t affecting the planet.

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