Sponsor a Search and Rescue Dog in Nepal

Photo of SAR Dog Hunter with garland

SAR Dog Hunter with garland of marigolds

Regular readers of this blog will remember my friends, the Search and Rescue Dogs of Nepal, from my previous posts here and here. Sadly, SARDog Hunter passed away recently, I send my condolences to his handler, Suk Bahadur Lama. SARDogs Nepal desperately need people to sponsor them. I am posting a copy of an email from them, please have a read through and pass on the information to anyone that you think may be interested in helping them. Thank you.

Dear friends, Namaste!
We always seek supporters for our SAR Dog teams and our work in Nepal.
Money is short here, because Nepalese Government does not support private social initiatives, such like ours.
They are not even able to provide proper facilities or reasonable salaries for our National Police Force, except for weapons and basic training. Our country seems to be for ever domed to be a developing one, due to political incompetence and structural nepotism.
We welcome all those who are able to donate sporadically or regularly, what so ever they can afford.
For me as the Executive  Director of sardogsnepal it is always difficult to guess what people intend, when they ask me how to send money to us. Therefore I write this mail here as a kind of overview of needs and what options people have to send us an one time sum, or a periodical sum, or if they are well suited financially, a fixed monthly, bi-monthly or annual sum of donation.
We even are happy with every little bit. For us a sponsor or donor is not measured as big or small. A donor who gives a little from the heart is having the same value for us as a donor who can afford anything more.
One can give any *one-time amount from 35 Dollar upward and we are happy. Lesser is not recommended because of the usual high transfer costs.
One can give a three monthly, bi-monthly , monthly or annual amount of 35 Dollar or anything larger than this.
One can give a monthly fixed amount from  35 to 50 Dollar and upward, by his/her bank standing order to our bank accounts of sardogsnepal, for a purpose like for example: (should / or can be mentioned in bank transfer sheet)
* financial support for dog food and medical health care
* financial support for a SAR Dog handler, his dog and his family (we have 10 handlers and their dog to chose from. See pictures below)
* financial support for our equipment and replacements running costs
* financial support for where needed most urgently
Jit Bahadur Masrangi Magar Executive Director
SAR Dog Trainer Ambar Magar
with SAR Dog Dunston
Suk Bahadur Lama, squad leader.
His dog Hunter died recently & he
is looking for a new dog to train
SAR Dog handler Yubaraj Tamang
with SAR Dog Tendy
SAR Dog handler handler
Gau Prasad Jugjali Magar
with SAR Dog Bilbo
SAR Dog handler Martin Tamang
with SAR Dog Kelly
SAR Dog handler Dinesh Magar
with SAR Dog Turner
SAR Dog handler Ash Bahadur Gurung
with SAR Dog Tina
SAR Dog handler Purna Tamang
with SAR Dog Uttam
Senior SAR Dog Trainer & Academy Director  
Nagin Thada with SAR Dog Aldo 
New SAR Dog trainee Bikram Ranabhat
with SAR Dog Tulsi
Karna Bahadur Dura, Logistic Officer SAR DOGS NEPAL
Ready to go in times of need!
Search response to earthquakes, floods, landslides and avalanches
Searching for missing trekkers in the mountains
We will keep all donors posted about all that happens here. We will send reports and photographs by e-mail and keep in touch.
If ever a donor comes for holidays we will give all our effort to make his/her/their stay a memorable and wonderful adventure.
Kind regards
Jit and our 10 SAR Dog handlers
(many of us seem have the same family name but this is actually the name of our ethnic tribe)
If you like what you read and see here,  then please forward this e-mail to other friends who may be interested in supporting our work in Nepal.
Thank you so much!
Below are the 4 options for sending us funds:
1. Bank to Bank (two accounts):
a. direct to Nepal:
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd
Durbar Marg
Pokhara Branch
Account Name: SAR DOGS NEPAL
Account Number: 01101030250665
b. One in Germany from our German friends and supporters Rettungshunde fuer Nepal e.V.
They forward all received funds periodically without extra costs. Their URL is found at the bottom of this mail
Rettungshunde für Nepal e.V.
Daniela Neika, Chairwoman
AC Number: 205006825
BLZ: 513 500 25
IBAN: DE 48513500250205006825
2. for fast and urgent transfer:
a.) fastest option: (works excellent also in times of emergency) Use Western Union and I can pick up the money
the same day during Nepal Business hours.
This has to be done on my personal name, because an organization or institution cannot receive funds via
Western Union.
It has to be send as follows:
To Jit Bahadur Masrangi Magar. Pokhara, Nepal (that’s all) and the transfer code must be send by e-mail to this number
sardogsnepal@sardogsnepal.asia as soon as you have the receipt from your Western Union agent.
With this code I can pick up the fund here in Western Union Pokhara agency.
b.) Via the PayPal option: PayPal is not available in Nepal but we use the PayPal route over Germany
via Rettungshunde fuer Nepal e.V. translates as: Rescue Dogs for Nepal reg.Chraity.
The PayPal icon of our German Friends is at our link page here:
or here:

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