SARDogs Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Photo of SAR Dogs Nepal in Himalayas

Image courtesy SARDogs Nepal

I’m sure that you have all seen the unfolding tragedy caused by the earthquake in Nepal. Regular readers will remember SARDogs Nepal from previous posts, I am happy to say that the dogs and their handlers are safe, although badly shaken.

Map of Nepal Earthquake

A map released by the US Geological Survey showing the location of the 7.9-magnitude earthquake. Photograph: USGS/EPA

Much of the media attention and aid effort seems to be centred around Kathmandu and Everest base camp at the moment. However, it seems that many rural villages have been devastated with many victims in need of help. SARDogs Nepal are currently trying to set up a relief centre at Barpak, close to the epicenter, but they desperately need donations for transport, medical equipment and basic humanitarian aid supplies. You can find more details on their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter @sardogsnepal to keep up to date with the situation.

Photo of Nepal earthquake

By Krish Dulal (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Nepal is a very poor country and there seems to have been a good response from the international community. It would be wonderful though if some help could be given directly to a local organisation with the skills, knowledge and experience to help their own people. They can make a little go a long way, so even small donations can help. Their donation page is here.

UPDATE: There is also a dedicated fundraising page here.

The 26th April 2015 was International Search and Rescue Dog Day, none of us knows if and when we will need help from such organisations. If you wish to read my previous posts about SARDogs Nepal to get to know them better, here they are:

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Photo of Uttam the SAR Dog

Uttam the SAR Dog, image courtesy SARDogs Nepal


2 thoughts on “SARDogs Nepal Earthquake Appeal

  1. They provide a much needed service in these areas. And you’re right, the locals, with their unique experience, can do much more to help the community. I am glad they themselves are safe.

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