Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2015

Photo of lunar eclipse startAs I mentioned in my post, Moonstruck, 28th September 2015 was the night that a supermoon met a lunar eclipse.

I thought that I would make another attempt to get a decent photograph of the moon. I attached the camera to a tripod and googled which settings to dial in. Unfortunately my camera wasn’t able to use all of the settings required and I think a DSLR with a telescopic lens may have been better. However, as we are all friends I shall share my results with you whether you want me to or not!

photo of lunar eclipse middleEither way, there is always something magical about wandering around in the moonlight; familiar sights take on a different view and our sense of hearing becomes heightened. I have to confess to being distracted by a couple of young hedgehogs tearing around the garden, crunching noisily on mealworms. More about these in a future blog.

The September moon is often called the Harvest or Corn moon. It occurs around the time of the autumn equinox and provides light for farmers working into the night, gathering their harvest.

Photo of lunar eclipse totalityI have compiled several photos of the moon into two pictures. This demonstrates how quickly the moon moves across a camera’s viewfinder … I mean, the night sky. At the end of the sequence the moon ducks down below some foliage. I hope that you will forgive the blurriness of the images.

For some much better photographs and more information take a look at this site. Happy howling!Combined photos of start of lunar eclipseCombined photos of end of lunar eclipse


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