Winter Wye

This is a return to our previous urban bimbles and Wye walks series. I thought we should see how our old haunts are faring during winter.Photo of cathedral and clouds

Starting at Hereford Cathedral, I set off just before sunset, this ensures that my photographs are blurry and indistinct! However, I’m sure that you are imaginative enough to grasp the sense of drama of an underlit cloud framing the dark majesty of the architecture.

Photo of Hereford Cathedral showing damage to pinnacleThe day after I strolled past the imposing presence of the Cathedral tower, the area had to be cordoned off. It seems that the strong winds that have been plaguing us recently have damaged one of the pinnacles on the tower. Upon checking my photos I found that indeed this is the case. The masonry work required to repair it will cost around £10,000.  I should think the Cathedral has kept stonemasons gainfully employed since it was built in 1079. Just think though, Rambling Ratz could have exited the Blogosphere rather like Father Brennan in “The Omen”, struck down by divine architecture!

Photo of Castle Green trees at sunsetStriding purposefully on to the Castle Green; the trees that wore such a stunning canopy of autumn leaves when last we visited, are now stark and bare. Squirrel dreys, or crow’s nests are exposed, silhouetted against the sunlit clouds. With any patch of green in the UK there are people kicking a ball around, whatever the weather.

Photo of Victoria footbridgeThe Victoria footbridge has a fair torrent of water swirling around its base. December 2015 was the wettest on record in the UK. The Wye regularly floods, there is so much rainfall in the Welsh mountains that funnels down into the Wye. Fortunately Hereford did not get the damaging and devastating floods that were endured by the North of England this winter.

As you can see from the debris the water did rise up to the flood sign and the footbridge was closed for a while. Whilst the Wye is pretty full, most of it is contained within its banks.

Photo of Hereford Cathedral by the River WyeThe sun sets on another bimble as the Cathedral keeps a watchful eye on the flow of the Wye.



7 thoughts on “Winter Wye

  1. I love those underlit clouds – they’re so beautiful.

    I’m amazed at the flooding in the UK last year. Must have been very traumatic for those that were flooded out (especially the elderly).

    I don’t remember floods in Christmas 1978/79 when I was in the UK for nearly 2 yrs.

    (That was the year it snowed in London and was about 2 foot deep in Parsons Green where I was working at the time)

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