Freezing Fog

Photo of foggy street lightsTuesday’s fog remained all day, all night and all of Wednesday. As temperatures in Hereford dropped to around -5 degrees Celsius it turned into freezing fog.

Fog is formed when the temperature drops and clear skies allow the heat to radiate into space, causing water vapour to condense into droplets. When the temperatures are below freezing the water droplets become supercooled. This means that they remain liquid droplets in the air, but when they come into contact with a surface they form ice crystals, called rime.

At first glance it looked as though there had been a light dusting of snow in the garden.

The rime formed on leaves, berries and moss.

Spider’s webs also allow the freezing fog to form ice, sparkling in the torchlight.


10 thoughts on “Freezing Fog

  1. Those spider webs and rime on the surfaces make for great images.
    ( I guess it never gets cold enough in Melbourne in winter for this to happen here, although we do get some very frosty grass surfaces).

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