My Own Personal Raincloud

Photo of daffodils by Hereford's Old WallTuesday was a cold, but sunny day. I thought that I would take a stroll down to the river and try to take some nice photos for you.

As I passed the remnants of the old wall that used to encircle the City of Hereford, dating from around 1264AD, I noted there was a good display of daffodils dancing in the sunlight.

Photo of black cloud behind churchOn my way to the Old Bridge something made me turn and look behind me. The weathercock of All Saints Church was glinting in the sunlight, but the backdrop was a great big black cloud. Clearly it was following me. No sooner had I pressed the shutter to take this photograph when the cloud unleashed its watery wrath upon me.

Photo of silhouette of treeSo I packed the camera away and abandoned my mission. On my way home, the rain ceased just as the light was fading. However, I was taken by the beautiful silhouette this old tree made against the fading light.


2 thoughts on “My Own Personal Raincloud

  1. Enjoyed the photos, thanks. Hereford looks like a lovely village or should I say town. Such history all around you, ancient villages and towns. . I can see why you were taken by the silhouette of the old tree, great shot.

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