Cherry Plum Experiments

I generally prefer to photographs things in their natural environment. However, I have yet to get a decent photograph of the cherry plum blossom. It is either too dark, too sunny, too windy, the sky’s the wrong colour and I wobble too much standing on a chair. So I brought some inside.

Does it look better with a black background?

Or do you prefer it backlit?

Perhaps nature knows best after all!


8 thoughts on “Cherry Plum Experiments

  1. Love the colour of the backlit, but it seems a little more 2 dimensional or flat.
    It’s very pretty though.

    Maybe the black background is a wee bit too dark?

    So glad to hear someone else besides me has trouble photographing these type of Spring flowers.

    I’ve heard a few bloggers complaining about not being able to isolate a flower bloom and having the other flowers on a bush/tree make the image look too busy, but I think there’s a time for ‘busyness’ and a time for an isolated flower (with a shallow DOF).

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