Crow Thoughts

Mmmm, yummy tree buds full of carbohydrates.Photo of crow in treeIf I’m lucky, I might find some insects too for added protein. It is important to have a varied and balanced diet.Photo of crow in treeAh, here’s my mate, Thaddeus. Hi Thaddy, what’s new?

Oh hi Cressida. the bad news is the Council have cleared the dead rabbit from the main road. The good news is that number 28 have broken the lid off their wheelie bin.

Super! Let’s hope they are having a chicken dinner tonight.Photo of crows in treeWhat a lovely evening it is, the sunset is burnishing the branches orange.

Sublime! Hang on! There’s some idiot down there pointing a camera at us.

How intrusive! Photo of crows in tree

Although they don’t have a fancy telephoto lens.

No, they aren’t going to get very good photos with that sad little thing.

I feel sorry for them, let’s turn our heads so they at least get a nice profile of our magnificent beaks.Photo of crows in treeYou know, I bet they are going to add a grungy texture to that photo to make us look more sinister and foreboding.

What some people consider sinister and foreboding, others think of as gothically fabulous.

Truth.Photo of crows in tree with grungy texture


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