Old Sign in HDR

I thought the air of dereliction surrounding this old sign next to an ivy clad water tank lended itself to an HDR photograph.Photo of enamel advertising sign

HDR stands for “high dynamic range”. Put very basically it increases the differences between the light and the dark bits and reveals more details. I used the auto exposure bracketing (AEB) feature on the camera (attached to a tripod) to take three photographs of different exposures. I then merged these three photos using software called Photomatix Essentials and fiddled with the settings to pop the reds and greens.

The enamel sign seems to be from the 1920s or 1930s, advertising shag tobacco. This is loose tobacco rather than ready made cigarettes. I don’t need to tell you to disobey the sign. Please don’t smoke tobacco, it is very injurious to your health! The only reference I can find to a company called Stansfield, dealing in tobacco, is in a book referring to a shag price fixing deal in 1792 – James Stanfield & Co of Bristol. Many companies in the port cities of Bristol and Liverpool made vast sums of money importing goods such as tobacco and sugar from the Americas, exploiting slave labour.


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