Happy Easter 2016

I wish my readers, whatever their religion (or lack of one) a very happy and peaceful Easter time; fùhuójié kuàilè, Vroliik Pasen, Joyeuses Paques, Frohe Ostern, śubh īsṭar, fukkatsu-sai omedetō gozaimasu, Xristos voskres, Glad Påsk, Geseënde Paasfees and Pasg Hapus.Photo of chocolate Easter bunnies

Why bunnies (or hares) at Easter? I suspect it is because of their association with fertilitity and their abundance at this time of the year when life is springing forth all around us. Presumably the roots are Pagan (although there seems to be very little evidence for the popularly peddled reason – the existence of a goddess called Eostre with a hare consort). However, I did read somewhere that people thought rabbits could reproduce spontaneously without intercourse and so became associated with the Virgin Mary.

Personally I don’t mind what shape my chocolate comes in!


6 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2016

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  2. Thanks for the greetings and the same to you.
    I love good chocolate, but it’s banned in my home now. I can’t ration and tend to eat it all at once.

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