Gardener’s Little Helper

The moon was up bright and early, unlike some folk.moon-170416-a

I needed to crack on and give the lawn a haircut. As I let the grass grow long and the lawn is full of other leafy plants and flowers, it harbours a lot of insects. This female blackbird came running over at the sound of the mower starting and ran around me the whole time, no doubt catching the disturbed insects. A robin also flitted in and out.Photo of blackbird

Later as I sat and watched the blackbird I noticed that she wasn’t eating the wriggly stuff she was catching, but stashing it in her beak. I can only presume that she has hatched chicks already. Photo of blackbird

The female blackbirds are brown and dowdy compared to the dashing male blackbirds that I mentioned previously in these posts here and here. However, this intrepid lady seems to have a sassy blue sheen to her tail and flight feathers.Photo of blackbird

“Excuse me! You’ve left a pile of grass cuttings in my way!”Photo of blackbird

Anyway, we had both finished our evening’s work as the sun was starting to set. The sunset itself was unremarkable this evening, but it still cast a fiery glow on the silver birch trees and even gave the moon a rosy tint.Photo of birch trees and moon at sunset


16 thoughts on “Gardener’s Little Helper

  1. Perhaps the bluish sheen to the Blackbird is the late afternoon light reflecting off her shiny feathers?

    I like to think that no matter where we live around the world and what our religion or skin colour, we all see the same moon (and sun) which sort of… all mankind something in common.

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