Bladder Campion

Bladder Campion, Silene vulgaris, is so named because of the bladder like pods that the flowers pop out of. They sort of remind me of Alien eggs.Photo of bladder campion

The pods are made up of fused sepals known as a calyx. They are native to Europe and the young leaves can be eaten in salads, whereas the stems can be chopped up and used in risottos. It also seems to be a good nectar provider for moths as well as a food source for their larvae.Photo of bladder campion

Apparently it is also a Norwegian folk remedy for constipation. This seems preferable to the other Norwegian remedy of eating mouse droppings.Photo of bladder campion


3 thoughts on “Bladder Campion

  1. We have several of these plants in the garden but I think we call them something else. Will have to check on that. Good to know what it can be used for though.

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