Feeding Station

Every evening I put out some buggy nibbles (mealworms crushed in suet), sultanas and peanuts. This is a snapshot of who shows up.Photo of starlingAfter a dramatic crash in their numbers starlings seem to be making a comeback. There are four that regularly visit the garden after many years of not seeing any.Photo of starling and sparrowsThe starling was joined by a couple of female house sparrows.Photo of blackbirdsOf course the lovely male blackbirds always show up. They are fighting less now they have children to raise.Photo of wood pigeonPossibly the clumsiest bird around, a plump wood pigeon. They like to crash land at the tops of trees to reach the fresh buds, looking very precarious on the thin branches. I once observed one trip over a twig as it ambled around the garden.Photo of magpieA stunningly handsome magpie. There was also a crow, but the magpie chased it off. It also has a bit of a love/hate relationship with the squirrel. Speaking of which …Photo of squirrelNo photoshoot would be complete without Mrs Fancypants Squirrel getting a look in!

Also observed, but not adequately photographed; a robin, a great tit, a blue tit, and two collared doves.


10 thoughts on “Feeding Station

  1. A lot of visitors there and I love that magpie. Though the Starling population is going down over there, it’s proliferating here. They have become pests; any opening that they can fit in will become their nesting site.

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