Full Flower Moon

The full moon in May is known as a full flower moon. This is the time of year when most things start to flower in the northern hemisphere. In 2016 the full moon rises on 21st May. Due to the thick cloud tonight’s moon made for a lousy photo!Photo of moon shining through thick clouds

This particular moon is also known as a blue moon. As I mentioned in Full Worm Moon, each season (between an equinox and a solstice) usually has three full moons. Occasionally you get an extra full moon squeezed in. So that the last full moon of the season can still be called the last full moon, the third full moon generally gets called the blue moon.

Expecting a cloudy weekend I took a photo of the nearly full moon a couple of evenings ago. As it was still daylight it all looks quite blue. The moon never actually turns blue, although after volcanic eruptions or severe wildfires the extra particles in the atmosphere can make the moon appear blue.Photo of waxing gibbous moon

Also at the moment Mars is in opposition, meaning that our planet will pass between it and the Sun this weekend. Mars is going to be closer than usual to us, so it will appear larger, redder and brighter in the night sky (if there are no clouds!). In this photo I believe the bright dot to the right and above the moon is the planet Jupiter. The moon is overexposed so that the planet would show up.Photo of moon and jupiter


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