Busy Bees

There were a lot of bumblebees, mostly tree bumblebees – Bombus hypnorum – in the garden today, joined by a couple of honey bees. They were mostly enjoying the cotoneaster.

Although this one was patiently waiting for the honeysuckle to flower.bee-honeysuckle-030616-a

There were an awful lot of them up in this tree. It is a “smoke tree” of the genus Cotinus. It currently has these tiny yellow flowers.smoke-tree-blossom

Later they will form these floofy purple clouds.Photo of smoke tree

It is a tall tree and I am very short, so I just snapped away at the top of the tree where the bees were and then cropped the photos.


13 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. Lovely bees. What would we do without them. They say that when all the bees (which are declining in number) die out, that will be the end of the planet (as we know it).

    We have a smoke bush here too, but more of a red (than your pink clusters). Actually I just checked my 2 photos and one is more red and the other lighter (so I must have had 2 different white balance settings on the camera for each shot).

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