Alpine Adventure

First of all I have to say that I know nothing about gardening and am very unskilled. However, as Granny Ratz is finding it difficult to keep on top of things, I am venturing more into her territory.Photo of overgrown trough

Underneath the tangle of ivy and cotoneaster I spotted this trough thing. I do watch “Gardener’s World”, but mostly to ogle the presenter’s lovely dogs. However, some things do filter through and I recognised this as the sort of thing people put alpines in.Photo of uncovered trough

So I hacked my way through to it.Photo of trough and stones

I took off a pile of stones from the top. The earth inside was impacted solid and full of ivy stems.Photo of trough emptied

I eventually cleared it out and was glad to find a load of “crock” (broken terracotta pots) at the bottom to reuse. It helps with drainage apparently. Photo of close up of empty trough

I have no idea if this is correct, but I mixed two thirds peat-free compost with one third horticultural grit. Aha, alert readers will remember my trip to the garden centre in “What a Hoot“.Photo of trough with crock

I found a couple of nice looking stones and some bits of slate, no doubt souvenirs from a trip to an abandoned Welsh slate quarry many years ago. Photo of trough with compost and grit

Budget supermarket Aldi recently had some 6 packs of alpine plants which I duly purchased. I whacked the plants in, amongst the stones and slate, gave them a good watering and then put decorative aggregate (bits of slate) over the top to suppress weeds and keep moisture in.Photo of trough with alpine plants

Anyhoo, I think it looks better than it did! By coincidence one of my blogging friends has also been potting up alpines today. They clearly know what they are doing and have a glorious looking garden, check it out in “What a Scorcher.”


16 thoughts on “Alpine Adventure

  1. Looks lovely and no doubt you’ll soon see if you did the right thing. Keep up the water to start and keep us posted how its growing.

    I wonder if such a container with broken terracotta is very old though. It doesn’t look like a modern container?

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