Crow Sitting

While crow sitting today I spotted this very tatty speckled wood butterfly. There had been two of them pirouetting together in the air romantically. The other flew off while this one rested on the lawn.Photo of speckled wood butterfly

The crow fledgling was up bright and early this morning. I was pleased to see that he was practicing flying although he is woeful at it.

Photo of crow


I was also much heartened when two large crows swooped down to chase off a cat, so the parents are still keeping their beady eyes on it.Photo of crow

During the day the crows were spotted feeding the young one twice. I put soaked mealworms all around the garden for him to find.Photo of crow

He also finally mastered how to drink water out of a bowl. Then he learned the joys of taking a bath in it. He is looking stronger and healthier than he was yesterday, so I have every hope for him.Photo of crow

Around 9.30pm this evening I thought I ought to chivvy him along to bed, but he was already heading for the lilac tree. He jumped onto the low branch and then clambered upwards, fell out unceromoniously and started again. He got higher up the branch than he did last night and is now concealed by the spiky foliage of the firethorn tree. So he is learning the art of roosting.Photo of crow


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