Young Crow

All day today there has been a young crow fledgling hopping around the garden. The crows don’t often land here because the magpies chase them off.Photo of young crow

I got close enough to look at it to make sure there were no obvious injuries. I was worried that the parents weren’t coming down to feed it. So I placed saucers of water all over the garden and put down mealworms, buggy nibbles, sultanas and peanuts in various places.Photo of young crow

It did eat some and have a drink. Apparently they do spend a few days out of the nest, but unable to fly. The parents are usually around to look after them though.Photo of young crow

As it became dusky I was glad to see that it had managed to get itself onto a low branch and was fast asleep. I will keep an eye out for it and hopefully it will grow into a big strong crow and fly off.Photo of young crow


9 thoughts on “Young Crow

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