A Chase Through the Undergrowth

Late last night I heard a lot of rustling coming from the overgrown shrubbery. I waited for the inevitable hedgehog to come bumbling out, but was taken by surprise when this fine looking common frog hopped out!Photo of common frog

It was swiftly followed by a hedgehog, giving me his “innocent face”. Hedgehogs will eat frogs, though I suspect the chances of them catching one are pretty slim.Photo of hedgehog

As for the fledgling crow; he spent most of yesterday climbing up into the trees and falling-with-flapping out of them again. Oddly, as night fell he decided to go to sleep on a ladder we have on the ground. As this is a cat super highway I didn’t think it was a safe place, so I picked him up and placed him on the branch where he’d spent the previous night. He did feel very thin and bony, I am worried his parents aren’t coming down to feed him often enough. However, they are still coming down two or three times a day at least and are looking out for him, so I am loathe to intervene. I am putting more foodstuffs about including meat and boiled eggs, but he is still too young to get it for himself. Photo of crow fledgling

Today he spent most of his time lurking in the undergrowth. On the one hand it is good he is learning to keep a low profile, but on the other he is not practicing flying or getting fed much.


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