Things have been transforming as we move from spring into summer. The strawberry flowers have turned into strawberry fruits.

The apple blossoms are forming apples.

The gorse flowers are becoming furry pods.

The tiny yellow flowers of the smoke tree are turning pink, the bees are still hyperactive on it though.

The honeysuckle and St John’s Wort have begun their journey into “berryhood”.

The proud poppy has been battered down by the rain.

This pretty rose has been transformed into a hunting ground for a spider.Photo of spider on rose

Five days on, not only are my alpines still alive, but the plant at the back is now flowering! Thank you everyone for your kind support for my gardening efforts.

The fledgling crow has been looking perkier and stronger today. He flew down from the tree rather well, though he makes no attempt to fly up into anything (he climbs the tree). His parents brought one of his siblings, who can fly, to join him today. They were all eating together, so that was a good sign. I’m guessing the parents have been putting more effort into the more advanced chick in another garden up until now.Photo of fledgling crow


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