Speckled Bush Cricket Nymph

Be careful when inhaling deeply of the fragrant rose; you might get a tickle from some antennae.Photo of cricket on rose

This is the nymph of the speckled bush cricket, Leptophyes punctatissima. They like to hide in the patch of mint growing around the roses, as I mentioned in my post Minty Fresh. Being green with speckles, they are well camouflaged, except when they sit on yellow rose petals.Photo of cricket on rose

These nymphs will moult into adults as summer progresses. The males create a chirping song to attract females by rubbing their wings. However, with this species the chirp is not audible to humans.Photo of cricket on rose

7 thoughts on “Speckled Bush Cricket Nymph

  1. Wonderful shots. This nymph looks quite tiny.
    (wearing ‘distance’ glasses all the time means I often miss these little insects until I spot them in my flower photos on the large screen).

    • I went to photograph the rose and thought, that is an untidy hair that’s found its way onto it and pulled on it – it was the poor little guy’s antenna! I think he stayed for some photos because it was so cold and wet, he was a bit sluggish.

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