Relentless Rain

After another day of thunderstorms, torrential rain and flash floods, a crack appeared in the clouds just before dusk: a reminder that the sun is under there, somewhere.Photo of storm clouds


12 thoughts on “Relentless Rain

    • Do you remember that hot sunny weekend a couple of weeks ago? I think that was our summer! Does Melbourne get much rain generally? We always think of Oz as hot and sunny constantly!

      • The rain varies considerably in recent years. 50 years ago when I was young(er), we would have 6 weeks school holidays in the summer and it was hot all that time (as I remember). Now, the seasons are all mixed up and its quite possible to have as low as 16c (60F) and storms on Christmas Day, Usually, Feb is the hottest with temps in the high 30s & low 40s (90-110F) but this past summer, there seemed to be only 3-4 days very hot days in February. Melbourne, just like the rest of the world so it seems, has been affected by climate change. Of course, now I’m not working full time, I can stay indoors in inclement weather so am not so affected.

      • That’s interesting to know. Yes the seasons in the UK are definitely not what they used to be. There are certainly some benefits to not being at the beck and call of school or work!

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