Close Encounter

I don’t know about you, but I like to lie down on a damp lawn of an evening; admiring the fungi.Photo of fungi

Marvelling at how tall daisies grow when you don’t mow the lawn for a couple of weeks.Photo of daisies on lawn

Wondering if this is a rare orchid or a “common lawn weed” – I shall try to take some better photos in the daylight.

Alarmed by a sudden loud snuffling noise.Photo of hedgehog on lawn

It’s getting closer.Photo of hedgehog on lawn

“Hey, don’t get snot smears on my camera lens!”Photo of hedgehog on lawn

See the look of intense irritation when the hedgehog realises I’m not a tasty beetle.Photo of hedgehog on lawn

That’s more like it. If you want to spend one and a half minutes watching this hedgehog munching on mealworms you can here.Photo of hedgehog eating mealworms

11 thoughts on “Close Encounter

  1. I’ll bet that Hedgehog was attracted to its reflection in your lens 🙂
    I used to like lying down in the grass too, but its too hard to get up again with a stiff/painful back & hips 🙂

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