Municipal Gardening

I am sorry that I have been neglecting my blogger community just recently. “Grandpa Ratz” collapsed and fell, snapping right through his tibia and fibula. He is too ill to be operated on and so has this rather funky cast with brace on his leg. I have still been taking my daily photographs, but not managing to find the time to do much computer work.Photo of broken leg in cast with brace

The beginning of July has been a rather rainy affair.Photo of raindrops on windscreen

During my rushed trips into Hereford City I have noticed that the Council seem to have gone for a “wildflower look” to their displays, instead of the usual formal efforts. I approve.Photo of flower display

The view over the duck pond is a grassy affair.Photo of duck pond

As for bindweed, trying to get rid of it is a fruitless effort, we might as well just enjoy the lovely flowers.Photo of bind weed

The sweetpeas spilling over the path are a hit with the bees, though none kept still long enough to be photographed.Photo of sweetpeas



19 thoughts on “Municipal Gardening

  1. Oh my goodness, I hope G’pa Ratz’s leg will heal successfully this way.
    I love the wildflower look too – much more visually pleasing than formal rows. We have about 8 wonderful box planters outside Melbourne Town Hall, but despite the beautiful colour, I do so wish they’d loosen up on the formal rows and patterns.

  2. best wishes to all
    and, as usual some super photos meshing nicely with the words (Something I aspire to, but never seem to have the camera … or the words at the same time lol)

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