The Dove from Above

British people of a certain age will remember a gameshow called “Shooting Stars” hosted by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. There was a segment called “The Dove from Above” (inspired by someone cooing on Radio Leicester), they also used to say “Uvavu” and “Eranu” a lot …. you had to be there. Anyway, I was in receipt of a dove. My Twitter friends christened it “Uvavu”.Photo of dove in box

This is a young collared dove which had flown into a neighbour’s window and got knocked out. I kept it in a box overnight, it had no obvious injuries, other than some missing tail feathers, and was happily tucking into the wild bird seed – a downgrade from the digestive biscuits the neighbour had fed it. The next morning I decided to release it. It walked along the lawn and sat under a tree. It made no attempt to flee when I picked it up again. A trip to the vet confirmed no obvious injuries, so it had another free night of bed and breakfast.Photo of collared dove in hands

It was released the next morning and flew off, then scrambled under some bushes. It has since been seen with an adult dove. There, a happy ending for you.


13 thoughts on “The Dove from Above

  1. Thank goodness the young dove was ok. They seem to be a pretty hardy species.

    Every time I clean my floor to ceiling windows in my lounge (mainly so I can shoot through the glass when the weather is inclement), the doves fly into the glass and get quite stunned. Fortunately, they all seem to recover after a rest on my balcony floor.

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