Common Spotted Orchid

In my post about my unmowed lawn I mentioned that there was another flower growing thanks to my neglect.Photo of orchid

At first I thought it looked vaguely orchid-like, but dismissed the idea.Photo of orchid

However, much to my excitement it did indeed turn out to be a common spotted orchid, Dactylorhiza fuchsii.Photo of orchid

As the name suggests, it is a common orchid and the one people are most likely to see, but it is growing in my lawn!


14 thoughts on “Common Spotted Orchid

  1. And how pretty is that common orchid too. I am so used to orchids growing on individual stems and don’t think I’ve seen one like in your photo. The spire of flowers reminds me of Echium (or Viper’s Bugloss as it is also known).

  2. How wonderful to have an orchid in your lawn, maybe you will have more next year with some carefully managed neglect!

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