Crow Baby Flies the Nest

You may remember the young crow that I was crow sitting recently. He remained in the garden for over a week.Photo of crow

The parents did seem to come and feed him more regularly. We ensured that there was always water and food for him. As well as the usual suet pellets, mealworms, peanuts, sultanas, fat balls and wild bird seed that we put out, we also boiled eggs for him and added cheese and some turkey or chicken.Photo of crow

The lilac tree grows at a very low angle to the ground, so he was able to walk up it and then hop onto a branch of the firethorn tree, which seemed a pretty safe place to spend the night. Although one evening he looked set to roost on the ground so I had to pick him up and place him on his perch!Photo of crow fledgling

One day the adult crows turned up with two other young ones, the siblings were reunited. However, since then we have only ever seen one other young one. This other sibling and the parents soon became regular visitors, so it was good to see our young one socialising properly.Photo of crows

Eventually he did fly off with his family. They do return every day to snack and bathe. It is good to see crow baby growing up and seemingly healthy. As of yesterday he still begs his older sibling or his parent to feed him even though he is quite capable of feeding himself.


21 thoughts on “Crow Baby Flies the Nest

  1. Good to hear there was a happy ending to the little crow’s story. It could easily have gone the other way and he could have fallen victim to some feral animal.

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