Young Hedgehog and a Photo Competition

As regular readers are aware, my “relaxed” gardening style seems to have provided a favourable habitat for the UK’s best loved, but declining wild mammal – the hedgehog.Photo of hedgehog

I am pleased to announce that the resident hogs seem to have produced and raised at least one hoglet successfully. I bumped into this wee critter in the early hours of the morning. After casting me a shy glance it went and had a drink. It is very important to put out shallow dishes of water day and night for our local birds and critters, especially during this hot weather.Photo of young hedgehog

I also thought you might be interested in a fun little photographic competition. It is to raise money for Oggles Hedgehog Rescue. The suggested minimum donation is £2 per photo on the theme of “Nature that makes you smile”, there are different age groups so do encourage any young up and coming nature fans/photographers. The full details are on this site here. Hedgehogs are notoriously hapless animals so they really need for us, especially gardeners, to “think hog” and be careful with netting, ponds and when using garden machinery. Small local rescues rely on donations and are always busy, so please help them if you can.Photo of two hedgehogs


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