Buddleia Invasion!

While walking around the City of Hereford, it is always worth looking upwards. There are some nice old buildings with fancy bits on them.Photo of old building in Hereford

There are also buddleia (buddleja) growing out of the drainpipes. Photo of Buddleia in drainpipe

Buddleia is also known as butterfly bush, as many species of butterfly are highly attracted to the flowers. A lot of people buy these plants for their gardens. They were introduced to Europe from China during the nineteenth century. They are considered to be an invasive species. It outcompetes native species and reduces biodiversity.Photo of buddleia flower

Here it is slowly invading a carpark.Photo of buddleia by carpark

And here it is again clambering inexorably into the underpass, ready to disperse its seeds onto unwary passers by. If you are wondering about the graffiti I mentioned it in a previous post, Urban Scrawl. At least the butterflies will be happy though.Photo of buddleia over underpass

4 thoughts on “Buddleia Invasion!

  1. Nice post. I guess one of the main problems in walking through a city with an eye or two on what is occurring above, is the increasing risk of colliding with Pokemon players wandering around in a state of confused and chaotic oblivion.

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