Gone to Seed

It is that time of year when the fresh green shoots and vibrant flowers start to give way to the more muted, but just as exciting seed pods.

Photo of seed heads in dewy cobweb

Seed heads caught in a dewy cobweb

All life on Earth, including plants started out in the oceans. It is thought that 450 million years ago algae made the leap from water to dry land. The earliest plants, such as ferns, reproduced by spores. The earliest seed producing plants are thought to have developed around 360 million years ago.

Photo of gorse seed pods

Gorse seed pods popping

Since that time plants have evolved several different ways of dispersing their seeds, through wind, or by producing nuts and fruits that pass through animals.

Photo of bladder campion seed heads

Bladder Campion Seed Heads

Photo of cow parsley seed head

Cow Parsley Seed Head

Photo of grape hyacinth seeds heads

Grape Hyacinth Seed Heads

Photo of peony seed pod

Peony Seed Pod


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