Big Butterfly Count 2016

It is the annual UK survey of butterflies again. It is running until 7th August and the details are on the Big Butterfly Count website.

Personally speaking, this year, the large white butterflies seem to be the most abundant in the garden.Photo of large white butterfly

The good old speckled wood was also around.Photo of speckled wood butterfly

The comma was sunbathing.Photo of comma butterfly

It is called a comma because of the distinctive white comma shaped mark on the underwing.Photo of comma butterfly underwing

I also saw some holly blue butterflies, but they were not willing to pose for photographs.  Here is one from a previous year.Photo of holly blue butterfly

I have not noticed that many butterflies around this year. I think that it has been too wet and windy for them. In previous years I have also managed to snap red admirals and peacocks.

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