Trees and their August Fruits

The horse chestnut tree is still looking mighty fine,  it has now swapped its flowers for fruits. Photo of horse chestnut tree

It is looking droopier than it was back in May, no doubt because the fruits are heavier than the flowers.

Photo of Horse-chestnut tree

Horse Chestnut Tree with May flowers

The young conkers on it are coming along nicely.Photo of conkers ripening on treeIts neighbour which I believe is a lime tree, also known as Tilia or Linden, has some fine low hanging fruits. These are not the edible limes that people slice into drinks.Lime Tree FruitsThe rowan tree has a splendid set of red berries, dazzling against the August blue skies.Rowan Tree Berries

And speaking of red berries, although it is clearly not a tree, the cuckoo pint’s berries have turned to a gleaming red.cuckoo pint red berries


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