Blackberry and Apple

You all remember my funny shaped apple tree don’t you?Photo of apple tree in blossom

Well next to it I have a small bramble patch. This produces the most delicious blackberries which can be eaten off the bramble or combined with apples in a variety of tasty dishes. A better cook than me has some recipes on this site here.Photo of blackberries

Oh, but what is this? A blackberry thief! Doesn’t this blackbird look mighty proud of his daylight robbery?Photo of blackbird with blackberry

I can’t be too cross though, he fed it to his youngster. If you have thirty seconds to spare you can watch my YouTube video of him feeding this blackberry and later some wild bird seed to his spotty fledgling here. Photo of young blackbird

Male blackbirds seem to be very attentive fathers.Β  I think this young one will do well.Photo of male blackbird and young

Some other youngsters were out foraging under the apple tree this evening. Here are two of the three young hedgehogs that are currently snuffling around the garden.Photo of young hedgehogs

A dish of water and some food tempted some other garden visitors too.

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13 thoughts on “Blackberry and Apple

  1. I never tire of seeing those little hedgehogs. Every time I see them I’m somehow reminded of a Beatrix Potter story.

    (to explain that…….I used to work as a children’s Nanny in the UK some 40 years ago and I read all the Beatrix Potter books a zillion times over and the stories and illustrations have remained permanently imprinted in my memory. Even today I have a beautiful thick volume of all her stories combined with her biography).

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  3. Those blackberries look good enough to eat – even 6000 miles away over here! πŸ™‚
    Lovely to see all your visitors – and to see Daddy blackbird feeding his youngster! So funny, because the food is right there, but still Baby must be fed! πŸ™‚

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