Summer Is Here

We were supposed to be getting a “Spanish plume” of hot air, but it has veered off course. However, we are still enjoying hot sunny weather at the moment. The Bulmers woodpecker sculpture was looking resplendent in the sunshine with a blue sky as backdrop.Photo of Bulmers woodpecker sculpture

I can’t look at him without yearning for a glass of chilled cider.Photo of Bulmers woodpecker sculpture

The trees are in their full blush of leaf.Photo of summer trees

This was how they looked earlier in the year.Photo of winter trees in fog

A little red helicopter in a big blue sky. I believe this is the air ambulance. It is a sobering thought that this is a potentially calamitous day for a family somewhere. None of us knows when we may need such a vital service. There is more information about the Air Ambulance Service and how to help them on their website.Photo of air ambulance helicopter


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